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For nearly 40 years, Carolina Health Care has been helping families thrive at home during difficult seasons caused by a disease process, a disability, an acute health event, or simply the challenges of growing older.

Our empathetic caregivers and expert leadership teams have enabled hundreds of clients and their families to experience peace of mind while remaining at home.

We recognize that the opportunity to serve an aging population is only going to increase and we believe we are the company best-equipped to do that. In order to make the most of this opportunity, though, we realize changes are needed. We continue to grow and expand our capabilities as the premier choice for in-home care. 

We have recently expanded our office space in both Charleston and Columbia. We have hired industry experts to lead our offices and continue to recruit and onboard exceptional Caregivers, Care Coordinators, and Care Specialists. We are building a home care agency that will continue to provide award-winning care to those who need it.

Out of a desire to make it possible for the thousands of families across the southeast to more easily find and connect with our company, we decided to change our name. 

We’re excited to inform you that Carolina Health Care has become Wellhaven Home Care.

At Wellhaven, our mission is simple yet profound: we enable families to thrive in times of need by offering compassionate and dependable in-home care. We understand the struggles individuals face due to cognitive or physical impairments brought on by disease, disability, or old age. Our commitment lies in helping families thrive by delivering the care they need with compassion, dependability, and expertise.

In addition to a name change, Wellhaven Home Care will be offering new service opportunities, such as nursing care coordination, rise ‘n’ shine and tuck-in service, and recovery service to help those in need of care after a surgery or hospitalization.

Wellhaven will continue to elevate the caregiving profession, invest deeply in our employees, and foster a culture that attracts the best care providers in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for exceptional, personalized care in the comfort of your home or a caring professional wanting to be a part of an extraordinary team, Wellhaven Home Care is for you.

Be Well. Be Home.

Wellhaven Home Care

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